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WELCOME TO Lakenheath Military Sales

European Delivery

All vehicles are delivered fully-registered.

All U.K customs and import requirements completed.

Our local delivery program is the easiest and quickest way to drive your new U.S spec vehicle here in Europe.

Choose from over 100 U.S vehicles right here in the UK.

Stateside Delivery

Not looking for a vehicle here in Europe?

Our Stateside delivery program is one of the major benefits in the program.

Say goodbye to spending hours at a dealer, haggling over pricing and let me show you the easiest way to purchase your next vehicle for delivery in the States.


Financing Made Easy

My Stress-free finance process is designed to save you time and money.

Challenge me to beat your banks offer, we partner with some of the biggest lending sources available to Military families.

Huge Stock Program

We have access to thousands of vehicles, our stock program allows you to choose vehicles from the States or anywhere in Europe.

You can also choose to custom order your next new vehicle or motorcycle directly from the factory, for delivery right away or anytime in the future.


Customer service

Ask around the bases or in your work place, Chris Law has a fantastic customer service record here in the U.K.

I have assisted families from every base here in the U.K as well as Germany / Italy based customers and I have delivered well over 1300 new vehicles to military members.

Order now...Collect Later?

Ask Chris about the exclusive early order program and let me show you how you can save thousands towards a new vehicle purchase.

Order now and pick up later its an amazing opportunity for those who want a vehicle 1, 2, 3 or more years from now.

Lakenheath Military Sales

My Name is Chris Law I am your local senior independent sales representative with over 18 years experience serving the military community both here in the UK and in mainland Europe.

I am available 7 days a week located right here on RAF Lakenheath to answer any questions you may have, without any high pressure sales tactics, when you visit my local office I promise never to do the hard sell.

Lakenheath Military Car Sales offers service members more choice with hundreds of vehicles to choose from in stock, and the option to build your own.

Select your car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle and order using your exclusive overseas military discounts and rebates. Take delivery of your vehicle at your overseas duty station, or have it delivered stateside when you return.


Chris Law at RAF Lakenheath was outstanding. I d buy from him again. Great price, outstanding sales person.


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Lakenheath Military Sales